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Visibility across every store

Transform Retail Store Operations And Performance

Transform Retail Store Operations And Performance

ORS StoreScan enables retail businesses to address the difficulties store operations executives face in analyzing the health of their stores with the aim of improving operational efficiency.

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility
into store operations

Determine factors

Determine controllable and
non-controllable factors

Transform store performance

Transform store

The ORS StoreScan helps retail businesses create powerful visualizations of their store operations, providing them with the analytical insights and operational visibility needed to drive impactful transformation across the business.

ORS StoreScan

ORS StoreScan comes equipped with the following capabilities

Selling Space Analytics

Selling Space Analytics

Analyze sales per square foot to better plan inventory purchases, calculate return on investment, and determine rent on a retail location.
Inventory Analytics

Inventory Analytics

Analyze sales by department or product category for in depth sales performance comparisons within a store.
Turnover Analytics

Turnover Analytics

Build the right stock at the right time with data driven insights into the movement of inventory during specific time periods and across demand cycles.
Staff Analytics

Staff Analytics

Evaluate the performance of staff as a metric against store square feet, inventory, and customer foot fall to better prepare teams to handle fluctuations, customer issues, and build value constantly.

Using ORS RETa.i.LTM Platform, we are able to create a highly sensitive and responsive digital supply chain to manage inventories in real-time and to optimize operations end-to-end. Buy Anything, Get Anywhere (BAGA) is a disruptive solution for automated omnichannel fulfilment to help us build superior customer experiences and avoid lost sales.

Gianluca Tanzi, COO
Brooks Brothers Corporation
New York, USA

ORS products fully integrate with your legacy systems while enabling you to drive impactful business transformation across your value chain.

StoreScan Transform Retail Store Operations and Performance

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