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From strategic planning to tactical execution to operational streamlining, RoboCash helps banks transform their node operations from legacy to real-time, dynamic assets of performance.

Real-time ATM Cash Management

Real-time ATM Cash

Banking Operations Optimization

Banking Operations

Branch Office Profitability Acceleration

Branch Office Profitability

RoboCash is an end-to-end Data Aggregation, Assimilation, and Analytics platform that brings together disparate silos of bank operations to enable a 360-degree view of the bank’s various operational nodes: from ATMs and branches, to banking professionals and customer servicing.

The RoboCash Platform

ORS RoboCash treats each component of the banking operation as a Node, and aggregates available data from that node into the platform.

The solution deploys real-time analytics algorithms to analyze:

  • Branch operational efficiency
  • ATM and Personnel utilization
  • Cash management across nodes
  • Demographic needs and patterns
  • Customer service needs

The platform delivers the deep, real-time visibility into operational issues needed to optimize them for profitability:

  • Branch operational issues
  • Cash management issues
  • People / process / platform utilization

As a reliable financial services provider to bespoke clients, we were looking to help our customers with detailed analysis reports on their portfolio. ORS solutions are ideal for bringing analytics, intelligence, and algorithmic decision automation to help our clients create risk-mitigated high-growth portfolios.

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ORS products fully integrate with your legacy systems while enabling you to drive impactful business transformation across your value chain.

TRANSFORMING NODES: Bank Branches and ATM Performance Optimization and Automation

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