Risk Patrol™

A complete AI-powered risk management solution to identify, assess, and limit exposure to the various financial risks.

Risk Patrol

Avoiding costs of external providers data feeding and with no need to send proprietary data, ORS Risk Patrol™ guarantees proper risk management and Custom-oriented advanced reporting.

AI-supported Governance

AI-supported Governance

Smart Dashboard for tailor-made “Risk Overview”

Smart Dashboard for tailor-made “Risk Overview”

Constrained optimisation for Risk mitigation

Constrained optimisation for Risk mitigation

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ORS Risk Patrol™ empowers Customers to achieve high-granularity KRI (from title to investor) without extra costs for external data providers and without sharing sensitive data (e.g. portfolio composition)

Risk Patrol tm is a complete “all-in-one” solution to evaluate, analyse and mitigate risks.

Multiple risk approaches

ORS Risk Patrol™ offers three different approaches to risk evaluation:
  • Ex-post calculation
  • Ex-ante evaluation
  • Historical Stress Test

Create your own Risk View

Risk results can feed customized reports or analyzed with Risk Patrol Analyzer™, that offers a smart dashboard where users can create proper dashboard automatically updated.

Optimization service

Exploiting scenarios produced, Risk Patrol™ offers a Portfolio Optimization Service that, based on different models and taking in account user inserted bounds and constraints, provides an Efficient Frontier of “optimal” portfolios according to predefined target returns

Service and Analytics for a proper Risk Management process

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