Cash Management Optimization Solution

Strong and versatile models supported by advanced algorithms for an Intelligent cash management


ORS Cash Management Optimization Solution is a complete operational platform to optimize cash distribution over a Bank’s network, maximizing the efficiency of cash logistics.

Intuitive and friendly user interface, with access by roles

Full integrayion with legacy systems

Proper balance between financial and operating costs

ORS Cash Management allows a Bank to realize the goal of reducing the cost of cash management, while mitigating commercial and transportation risk, by integrating new management models to increase the level of Customer service.

More than 20 years of experience in statistical and optimisation models

Forecasting model

A specific mix of diverse forecasting methods, taking in account both Client data and external factors (e.g. weather, traffic, scheduled events), gives the optimization model the need of cash of the entire network. Data accuracy can be further improved with the adoption of dynamic models.

No black-box

The forecasting module is characterized by a high level of “transparency. The tool gives the user full visibility on the process through a detailed visualization of model coefficients and statistics, in order to let him better understand forecasted scenarios and, eventually, modify any input parameter.

High accuracy results

Optimization models and customized heuristics take in consideration all key variables (e.g. seasonality, events, trends, weather) and cost drivers (e.g. transportation costs, counting costs, cost from stocking cash, insurance cost) ensuring the highest accuracy in final results.

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