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ORS CryptoHound is an AI-powered multi-blockchain data analytics tool for intuitive analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum, empowered with a realtime integration with major exchanges.

Subscription increasingly automating shopping solutions

Powerful AI algorithms for blockchain data analysis

Businesses allowing customization of products

“Follow the money” investigation on BTC, ETH and ERC-20 tokens

More robots being used in retail operations

Custom widgets and API for data analysts

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Thanks to A.I. algorithms and Big Data analysis, it provides useful KPIs and advanced functionalities for follow-the-money analysis, while a customizable dashboard with multiple widgets create a unique user experience for crypto-investigators, analysts and traders.

Powerful analysis of blockchains to traders, compliance departments, ICO projects and crypto enthusiasts.

New User Experience

Multiple, easily-configurable widgets for running simultaneous custom searches across crypto addresses, tokens and transactions, thus making each user’s dashboard unique.

Comprehensive data

ORS CryptoHound is blockchain-agnostic and collects up-to-date Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain data. Realtime integration with major exchanges enables the evaluation of cryptocurrency transactions at historical prices.

Crypto investors support

Sophisticated analysis of volumes and prices of Bitcoin, Ether and of all ERC-20 tokens transactions (since inception), providing bank-like financial statements.

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